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Pasar Indonesia memang cukup menjanjikan. Hal inilah yang membuat Kohler Co., produsen peralatan dapur dan kamar mandi, tertarik berinvestasi ke Tanah Air sejak dua tahun yang lalu.

Nissan - Sopir Keluarga

Though every family may seem different, they all have their own issues. If these problems continue to grow, it may damage the relationships in the family. However, in re-uniting the family, it does not take big gestures. Nissan Indonesia believes that small things matter.

Dunia AXIS

AXIS is the rising star in Indonesia telecommunication industry. We provide digital PR service through creative contents for as a part of AXIS digital campaign to encourage entrepreneurship.

Fever Patch

Sharing is caring, powered with social media on Facebook and Twitter, Bounche initiated to create community for moms and giving information about parenting with engaging content and several activities.

Sound of Ramadhan

Celebrating Eid Mubarak, Sounds of Ramadhan is intended to be a fun campaign which represents the hardest obstacles during the 30 days of fasting in the form of snippet video.

Nissan - Mama Mau Cerita

Have you ever ignored or be mad at your mother? In some families these things happen on a regular basis. On Mother’s Day, Nissan Indonesia wanted to remind everyone to keep their mother happy. Keeping your mother happy does not necessarily mean giving her gifts, you can do it by simply giving her the attention she deserves.

Samsung Smart Camera is a platform built by Samsung to accomodate photographers of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Anak Cerdas

Anak Cerdas merupakan aplikasi edukasi bagi anak-anak usia Sekolah Dasar (SD), aplikasi ini dirancang untuk mengedukasi anak-anak melalui gadget.

No Buffer No Baper

Sometimes bad internet connection can get in the way of our digital communications. Acer Liquid Z330 is built for 4G and high speed internet to solve the problem.


Community marketing merupakan salah satu strategi penting untuk membangun sebuah brand bersama konsumen.

L.A-Lights Streetball

LA Streetball is part of an integrated campaign consist of both online and offline activities.

No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain Indonesia attend to motivate and inspire every office workers by providing powerful articles, tips and engaging creative pictorial content at Facebook and Twitter.

Acer - Revolusi Ruang

Nowadays, families live in such compact homes and are forced to utilize every inch of space. There is hardly any space for entertainment. Acer Revo, as a mini PC, wants a fresh and exciting campaign to spread awareness of their product as a solution to this problem.

Acnes Indonesia

Acnes adalah brand produk perawatan kulit yang diformulasikan khusus untuk kulit yang sedang berjerawat. Produk facial care dari Rohto ini memiliki objektif ingin meningkatkan image dan brand awareness mereka.

1001 Cerita Keluarga Livina


Nissan Grand Livina has been in the Indonesian market for since 2017 and recognized as one of the Indonesia’s best family car.

Diary Kiranti

Femalicious merupakan aplikasi mobile Kiranti yang dibuat oleh Bounche Indonesia untuk membantu memudahkan kaum hawa memprediksi siklus haid dan masa subur.

Fitness First - Let's Get Personal

Fitness First memiliki misi untuk memberikan pelayanan terbaik kepada konsumennya, yaitu mereka yang peduli dengan kesehatan. Untuk membangun sebuah engagement, Bounche Indonesia merancang

Morinaga Platinum

Facebook Morinaga Platinum sebagai sumber informasi, tips, inspirasi dan konsultasi seputar kesehatan, nutrisi, psikologi anak bagi ibu di tanah air.

Fitbar - Snacking Without Worries

Sebagai pendatang baru, Fitbar berusaha mendapatkan public's attention di dunia digital. Bounche Indonesia mendapat kepercayaan untuk menangani brand Fitbar ini.

Pfizer Peduli

Find Peduli Perempuan, Peduli Kolesterol, Cegah IPD, VI-Lounge & Stop Merokok all in 1 website.

Morinaga Multiple Intelligence

Morinaga and its mission to build a multitalented platinum generation needs a platform where parents can actively learn about multiple intelligence for their child.

FITBAR - Donor Kalori

Fitbar and Yayasan Sahabat Anak collaborated to create an activity where burning calories can help thousands of homeless children.

7 Wonders of Women in Digital World

7 Wonders of Women in the Digital World is one of digital PR activity, which is related to Kartini's Day in Indonesia. The purpose of this program is to inspire all of women to keep up the spirit of emancipation with the touch of today's digital communication.

Galaxy Note 10.1 is designed to provide intuitive user experience and give informations represented by creative content.